Welcome to Marks Auto Mart in Fort Dodge IA

Used Dealership near Fort Dodge

When you need a truck, whether it’s a Chevy, GMC, Ford, Ram or Jeep, come to Marks Auto Mart, and you will get what you need. Our inventory is carefully stocked with the trucks that you actually want. We have more than just trucks too. We also have a wide range of everything from compacts to SUVs. You can see our expansive inventory in person here in Fort Dodge, or you can browse through them all online from the comfort of your home.

Our dealership has been family owned since 2003, and we are proud of our history. In that time, we have always put our customers first. We believe in taking our time. Not only do we take our time finding the right trucks and SUVs, but we also take the time to ensure that our customers get what they came for. Through that attitude, we have been able to service customers throughout all of Fort Dodge and the surrounding areas including Humboldt and Webster City.

What our clients are saying:

I can't begin to say what a great experience and pleasure it was to work with Jeremy. He had the truck ready for a test drive as soon as I walked in the door. The best part was he gave me his bottom line on the truck before I even made the trip which was well below NADA. I had no intentions of buying a vehicle this soon but the price he shot me was hard to pass up ... . The best part of the experience was I was in and out in about an hour and a half and that was generous. Exactly what I like in a vehicle purchase. In and out. Bigger dealerships I would have been there at a minimum of 6 hours. Big thumbs up!